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Web Hosting FAQ

  • What platform or operating system (OS) does Phoenix Web Service use?
    Our servers run Apache Web server over Linux (UNIX).

  • What resources do I need to use Phoenix Web Service's web hosting services?
    If you are viewing this page, then you have all that is required to take advantage of Phoenix Web Service's services - a computer with the Internet connection. 

  • Does Phoenix Web Service offer dial-up access to the Internet?
    No, you will need to contact your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) for local dial-up access to the Internet.

  • Does Phoenix Web Service support and offer ASP, and SQL?
    Yes. These features are supported through modules added into our existing server configurations.

  • Does Phoenix Web Service offer 24 hour technical support?
    No! offering 24 x 7 x 365 requires Phoenix Web Service to extend that cost onto its customers and we refuse to do that. 

    However someone is always monitoring the support e-mail address. We are proud of our dedicated team of qualified support technicians, who are ready to tackle any problems you might be experiencing at any time of the day or night. On average, we resolve technical support questions within just a few hours.

  • What kind of connection does Phoenix Web Service have to the Internet backbone?
    Peering agreements with large ISPs like UUNET,, Quest and Bell Atlantic - and connections to private networks - mean your data usually reaches its destination without traveling on the public Internet. So, you avoid big public exchanges that often cause Internet slowdown.

  • Does Phoenix Web Service also design web pages?
    Phoenix Web Service doe offer web designing services. Contact for your web design needs.

    Please contact for more information.

  • What is the typical Phoenix Web Service server configuration?
    Phoenix Web Service's minimum server configurations are Intel Pentium 4 with 1Gb of ram. Powered up by dual Westerns Digital hard drives ensuring superior server performance and reliability. 

  • Does Phoenix Web Service offer a shopping cart?
    Phoenix Web Service offers Redhat Interchange. Redhat Intercahnge is a browser-based storefront and catalog development tool that integrates cataloging, product maintenance, category management, shopping basket, order and credit card processing. The software is well organized can be adapted to provide new functionality without any changes to the core system. Developers can use the browser interface to build and manage their stores, or can "get under the hood" with complete access to the Script.

  • Can I securely accept credit card information through my web site?
    If you order our Gold Plan (or above), or any of our ecommerce plans, you have free access to our secure server running SSL (secure socket layer). This allows users of your site to submit credit card information with confidence, knowing that it is being transmitted safely and securely through the Internet.

  • Is it possible to process credit card transactions in real time?
    For this we recommend that you choose your merchant account form a reputable provider.
    You need three things to process the credit card payments in real time:

    1) A merchant account
    2) A real-time credit card processing account
    3) A shopping cart that supports your choice of a real-time credit card processing solution.

    Redhat Interchange supports all major real-time credit card processing solutions including AuthorizeNet and CyberCash  etc.

  • Does Phoenix Web Service provide any database solutions?
    Phoenix Web Service supports mSQL and MS SQL. One mSQL database is free with our web Gold  Plan and higher. MS SQL support is provided.
  • What statistical package does Phoenix Web Service offer?
    All Phoenix Web Service plans include Webalizer.  Also, you have access to raw access logs and are free to use the statistical packages of your choice.

  • Do you offer any ready-to-run cgi-scripts?
    Yes, Phoenix Web Service offers several ready-to-run cgi-scripts with our Standard plan and higher. These scripts include FormMail, Guestbook, WWWboard (bbs), and guest counter. We're always on the lookout for other reliable and popular cgi-scripts to make available to our customers.

  • What are referrer logs? Does Phoenix Web Service offer them?
    Referrer logs tell you the web site from which visitors reached your page. Using this information, you can tune your online advertising to maximize traffic to your site. We provide this information in the form of Both domain names and IP addresses, making it easier to interpret and analyse. Phoenix Web Service offers referrer logs free with our webalizer tool.

  • Does Phoenix Web Service offer chat rooms?
    No, we do not offer chat how ever you can install your own Java Chat.

  • Does Phoenix Web Service allow cronjobs?
    Phoenix Web Service may allow programs to run in the background. These programs will be
    considered on an individual basis and customers will incur extra charges
    based on system resources used and operational maintenance needed. If you
    wish to run background programs please contact Phoenix Web Service at so that we can arrange set-up.

  • Does Phoenix Web Service support FrontPage extensions?
    Phoenix Web Service will install the necessary extensions for you to use FrontPage and is happy to answer your questions related to the use of these extensions. FrontPage extensions are needed to enable you to publish your site with FrontPage, and to run the tools supported by FrontPage: WebBots, ToDo Lists and the FrontPage/Explorer interface.

    Phoenix Web Service does not support problems and questions directly related to the use of FrontPage tself. Instead, we will direct you to Microsoft's FrontPage Technical Support. 

  • Does Phoenix Web Service support third-level domains or subdomains ?
    Phoenix Web Service supports third level domain names with any of our web hosting packages, such as ""; however we do not allow sub directory pointers, or subdomains.

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