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Terms Glossary

Anonymous FTP
Allows visitors to upload and download specified files from designated directories without usernames or passwords. Anonymous FTP differs standard "FTP Access" which requires userames and passwords.

Sends an automated email response to each incoming message that is sent to a specific address. Each email address on your account can have a different autoresponder. An example: Joe sends an email to The autoresponder for this email address sends an prewritten message back to Joe automatically. 

CGI script
Used to supplement basic HTML to make your website more interactive and functional. Hit counters, guest books, order forms, and many other useful features can all be programmed in CGI scripts. pwsinternet offers a free library of CGI scripts that you can use to enhance your web site. All of our plans come with its own local cgi-bin directory, where you can store custom cgi scripts that you may have written yourself or found else where on the web. 

Used for secure processing of credit card transactions. CyberCash works with all popular browsers in the market and other Web store software applications. 

Data Transfer per Month
Each time a web page, image, audio, video, and other elements of your website is accessed by your visitor, traffic is generated. Your aggregate traffic is the sum of outward-bound, inward-bound, email, and anonymous FTP traffic.Your monthly traffic allowance is calculated as 31 times the daily traffic allowance. Our daily data transfer allowances are high enough that most of our users stay within the limit. Traffic overage will be charged according the constraints of your hosting pacakge.  

Detailed Usage Statistic/ Access to Raw Log File
pwsinternet gives you detailed graphical and tabular usage statistics for your website grouped by weeks, days, and hours. Using this information, you can track how many hits you are getting, where those hits are coming from, which page is the most popular, how much data transfer is occurring, and more. Access to raw log files allows you to analyze the usage using even more sophisticated programs. 

Disk Space
Everything related to your website is stored on disk: your regular html files, images, multimedia files, anonymous ftp files, POP mail messages, cgi-scripts and so on. 

Domain Alias
Allows additional domain names to point to a common website. This feature is useful when you want users to be able to access the same web site through a number of different addresses. An example: Acme Corporation registers two domain names, A and B. It places its web site at A, and makes B a domain alias of A. Whenever someone types in the address of domain B, they are automatically redirected to domain A. 

Domain Name
Computers connected to the Internet identify each other using numerical IP addresses, which are very difficult for humans to remember. A Domain Name is an easy-to-remember Internet address in plain alphabet (such as "") which is translated automatically into the IP address. A more formal definition is given by InterNIC: 
"An addressing construct used for identifying and locating computers on the Internet. Domain names provide a system of easy-to-remember Internet addresses, which can be translated by the Domain Name System (DNS) into the numeric addresses (Internet Protocol (IP) numbers) used by the network. A domain name is hierarchical and often conveys information about the type of entity using the domain name. A domain name is simply a label that represents a domain, which is a subset of the total domain name space. Domain names at the same level of the hierarchy must be unique, for example there can be only one com at the top level of the hierarchy, and only one at the next level of the hierarchy."

Domain Name Registration
In order for visitors to find your website using the domain name of your choice, you need to do two things. First, you need to reserve your domain name with InterNIC, the organization that registers domain names. Second, you need to provide InterNIC with the nameserver of your domain name, so that the IP address for your domain name can be disseminated throughout the Internet. 
pwsinternet can help with both steps. If you order any of our Webhosting plans, we will handle the above process free of charge. If you are not yet ready to have a web site but want to reserve just the name, pwsinternet can handle this procedure for you also. 

Domain names are going fast. 

Email Forwarding
When email forwarding is activated, messages sent to a certain email address are forwarded to another address. For example: Joe sends an email to The message is forwarded immediately to

FrontPage Extension
In order for you to use all the features that come with your Microsoft® FrontPage® WebPages editor, FrontPage Extension should be installed for your account. You may request installation of this feature when you place your original order. You may do so at a later date by sending email to

FTP Access
Used to upload and download your website between your own computer and the pwsinternet Web servers. You have unlimited FTP access to your account 24 hours a day 365 days a year, allowing you to set up, change, or maintain your web site at any time. 

A database engine. pwsinternet provides support for creating a simple searchable database. More complex database-website interfaces requires custom programming. More information on mSQL can be found at

POP3 Email Accounts
These are your email mail boxes in our server that can be accessed directly to retrieve your mail using such programs as Eudora, Outlook Express, and Netscape Mail. Each POP3 account has its own password to ensure privacy. You can check your email from anywhere around the world that you have access to the Internet. 

Referrer Log
Referrer logs add extended tracking capability to your webstats and access-log. By turning it on, you will know where your customers are coming from. For example, you will know what keywords they typed in to find your site and what search engine they came from. It provides invaluable information for your marketing efforts.

Shopping Cart
Keeps track of what your customers have ordered from your Internet store. Customers add and remove items from their shopping cart, and tallies their order when they are ready to check out. If the customer decides to submit the order, the program emails the order information to the address of your choice and sends a conformation to the customer. 

Secure Server (SSL)
A method of ensuring that information entered through your website is protected from prying eyes. Information submitted via a secure form is transmitted in an encrypted mode. SSL is most commonly used for credit card transactions. See "CyberCash" for an alternative method. 

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