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Ecommerce Guide

Why Should I Open an Online Store? 

Put simply, we are in an age of small-business ecommerce, where having an online presence is a fundamental concept in owning any successful business. As ecommerce is accruing billions of dollars in revenue, and growing, it is both impossible and foolish to ignore the possibilities that your business could have in this marketplace.  Welcome to Phoenix Web Service

You must have a clear understanding of what exactly Ecommerce means. Ecommerce is the ability to actually sell products through an online store. In recent years, these electronic stores have become a huge part of our economy. Many small businesses have managed to double or triple their revenue by simply making their products available through the Web. This success relates to the fact that Ecommerce is a less expensive alternative to owning an offline store, or a catalog business, for instance, because of production, distribution costs, etc. If you move your store online, you gain immediate exposure. 

Owning an online store will broaden your opportunities and capabilities to sell and cater to both a wide, vast audience. With the emergence of Internet technology, consumers have access to shop outside the area in which they live, and obtain a more specific product they are looking for. With the proper entrepreneurial steps, your online store will provide a luxury, convenience, for your consumer. Your store will stand apart from many others. You just have to know how to play the game….

What's Involved in Building an Online Store? 

First and foremost, it’s of utmost importance to acknowledge that there is a certain order of events that must occur when you are taking your business online. Ecommerce is one of the most integrated solutions when it comes to taking your business online, and you must look at all the different components that are necessary to take part in the excitement and potential profits. For example, shopping cart software, web hosting and a merchant account are all necessary features of bringing your online store ALIVE. Above all, it’s necessary to KNOW your product. Knowing your product will influence some of the technological requirements, as well as dictate the required features and options you will need to bring your store to the Web. Your shopping cart application is what will make this all happen. 

You must choose the right store creation and management tool, which is generally called a shopping cart. Shopping cart software makes it possible to have an online brochure where your customers can browse, add items to their virtual shopping cart, and check-out through an order form. Shopping cart software, which should be both easy to use and powerful, is what makes Ecommerce possible. Reputable hosts will offer Ecommerce packages that include the shopping cart software.

What exactly is a merchant Account and do I need one? 

An Internet merchant account is a type of bank account that allows you to accept credit card payments online. It handles fraud checks on each transaction, as well as the transfer of funds from your customer’s credit card to your bank account. You will need a merchant account in order to perform any online credit card transactions. Also, in addition to the Merchant Account, you will need an online payment gateway that often comes included with a merchant account. 

There is an alternative to this. Companies like CCNOW and CCBILL offer free use of there credit card transaction server.This is the preferred method for small home based Business There is a fee charged on every transaction go to their sites and check them out. The actual advantage is that using compaines like CCNOW and CCBILL you have more base capital for your advertising. and you do not need a secure web site. You will be using theirs

Who's Going to Build It and Administer It? 

It is necessary that you choose a hosting company that will host your online store and your web site. The hosting company should be able to provide you with a reliable, secure, easy, and powerful environment within which to establish your on-line business, as well as provide you with cutting edge technology. A reliable host will be able to give you the connectivity and resources you need to get you online business up and available for the world to see. You will need simple storefront solutions for your online business, as well as the technical support, that will allow out you to grow and succeed on the Internet. 

Why "Phoenix Web Service"? 

Phoenix Web Service is the company that will most certainly fulfill your needs and goals to bring your storefront creation to life…. 

Since 1990, Phoenix Web Service has been providing Business solutions to thousands of businesses like yours around the world. Our ranks of successful and satisfied customers are growing each day. We would like to think that's because we know what it means to support business critical Ecommerce enabled web sites. After all, many of our customers derive 100% of their revenue from their online stores.

With Phoenix Web Service, your business and our experience will pave the way into the 21st century. With Phoenix Web Service's Ecommerce solutions, you will stand out in an expanding online store community. First, choosing from one of Phoenix Web Service's shopping cart software will lead you on the path to success...

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